About TrendPassion

About Us

Trendpassion is run by Newmind and is the company's fashion portal where users are sharing their creativity and sense of fashion, color and shape. Here you can get inspired and also let others take part of some of your unique creativity. In this way we help each other to keep track of the latest trends and purchase just what you are looking for. The range of clothing and creativity is so large at Trendpassion that users can easily condition the price level after wallet, taste and liking. With us there are clothes for all.

That everything is all under a single portal brings lots of time and energy savings since users do not have to spend time tracking various fashion websites. We will also make sure that users only buy from reputable and affordable reseller. Our motto is to make it fun and inspiring to shop online.

Welcome to "your fashion store online".

Newmind Media Communications

Newmind have the expertise, creativity and attention for development of successful web projects internally as well as externally with our customers. We help our clients with everything from planning, development and management of different projects we are involved in. We have after having experience been able to state that we have the ability to combine communication and technology in an optimal way that always leads to measurable business benefits. To successfully implement ideas and visions from concept to reality, it will always require well-founded solution proposals based on experience and skills. We do everything we can to get as much positive client response, so that we always have the joy of having satisfied clients.


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